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Tasks and functions

Main tasks and functions of the Infrastructure and Accounting Department:

1. material and technical development of the STS and its territorial bodies, as well as material and technical support;

2. prognostication and planning of expenditures for logistics and the STS’s development;

3. organization of public procurement of products, works and services in the STS’s apparatus;

4. organization and maintenance of administrative and economic activity of the STS’s apparatus;

5. control over administrative and economic activities of the STS’s territorial bodies within limits defined by current legislation;

6. preparation of infrastructure facilities of the STS’s apparatus and its territorial bodies for work in the autumn-winter period and monitoring status of these works;

7. provision of organizational measures aimed at obtaining motor transport services for the STS’s apparatus;

8. provision of the STS’s apparatus with communication means and methodological assistance to the STS’s territorial bodies for organization of work with communication means;

9. provision of mobilization training, mobilization and control over implementation of such measures within the STS’s powers;

10. civil protection in the implementation of state tax policy, state policy on the administration of single contribution;

11. organization of fire and man-made safety in the STS;

12. implementation of labor protection powers and control over this work in the STS;

13. provision of the STS’s structural subdivisions with copying and multifunctional office equipment;

14. management of state property;

15. accounting of financial and economic activities of the budgetary institution and reporting;

16. reflection of reliable and complete information in documents about business operations and results of activities required for the operational management of budget allocations (appropriations), as well as financial and material (intangible) resources;

17. compliance with budgetary legislation making budget obligations, timely submission for registration of such obligations, payments under with budget obligations, accurate and full reflection of operations in accounting and reporting;

18. control over the availability and movement of property, use of financial and material (intangible) resources according to approved standards and estimates;

19. prevention of negative phenomena in financial and economic activities, identification and mobilization of internal reserves;

20. organization of prognostication planning of expenditures necessary to achieve strategic goals and implementation of priority areas of the STS for coming years;

21. organization of financial support of the STS and its territorial bodies;

22. study and implementation of international best practices in financial and economic matters and accounting;

23. records of labor resources and wages;

24. receipt of audit materials and other information from bodies exercising state financial control in case of revealing legislative violations;

25. organization and implementation of internal control in the STS;

26. organization of work related to the personal data protection during their processing according to the law;

27. preparation of suggestions for improvement of legislative acts, acts of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and development of draft laws of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine which belong to sphere of the STS’s activity;

28. preparation of suggestions for improvement of regulations of Ministries, development of draft orders of the Ministry of Finance on approval of procedures, instructions, regulations, forms of calculations, reports, declarations, other documents regarding issues within the STS’s competence and draft orders of the STS;

29. consideration of inquiries and appeals of people’s deputies of Ukraine.