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Tasks and functions

Main tasks and functions of the Tax Audit Department:

1. control over compliance with tax legislation, transfer pricing legislation and other legislation controlled by the STS;

2. analysis and risk management in terms of forming a plan-schedule for scheduled documentary audits of taxpayers;

3. development and maintenance of the plan-schedule of documentary planned audits of taxpayers;

4. organization of audits on compliance with statutory deadlines for foreign currency payments, cash payments for products (services), conduction of settlement operations and availability of licenses for business activities that are subject to licensing according to the law, actual audits of taxpayers regarding the use of employees without proper employment registration and payment of income by employers in the form of wages without paying taxes to the budget, as well as individual business activities without state registration, legality of the VAT reimbursement;

5. participation within competence in the bilateral and multilateral cooperation with tax authorities of foreign countries and international tax organizations regarding tax issues.