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Read in the latest edit of “Visnyk” № 37 / 2020


Anti-offshore protocols: zero rates for dividends, interest, royalties disappear as a class.

SRCO: informational and methodological materials.

Tourism: STS about the procedure for forming a tax credit.

Theft of goods and materials: impact on the VAT accounting.

Accounting for income and expenses by entrepreneurs: STS about innovations from 2021.

TOP-3: the most common mistakes with excisable products.


Results of the week:

- large taxpayers: STS approved the Register for 2021;

- STS as a single legal entity: government has made important decisions to implement the concept;

- reduction of duties: Ukraine as a new hub for processing;

- Bureau of Economic Security: business calls for refinement of concept;

- “Diya City”: special tax regime was presented;

- tax climate in Kyiv: meeting with representatives of the Business Ombudsman Council was held at the STS;

- 25 kopecks and all old banknotes: from the 1st of October – not a means of payment;

- working days in 2021: government has adopted a transfer order.


Precautions: bail will not be an alternative to detention?

Transfer pricing: tax authorities about innovations in imposing penalties.

Change of Ukrainian classification of the FEA codes: the VAT payer is advised to submit a new data table in order to avoid stopping the registration of tax invoice / adjustment calculation.

Practice of the Business Ombudsman Council: the VAT payer is included in the list of risky ones.

Environmental tax for methane emissions: Large taxpayer office defended positive practice of the STS in Supreme Court.

Ownership of a car was acquired during the reporting year: how to deal with taxation and reporting?

Water from wells: should rent be paid?

Coronavirus testing: should single social contribution be credited to a health care provider?

SSC 2020: tax specialists advise to take into account this year’s changes.

State dividends: are commercial enterprises formed by the state-owned enterprises liable to pay?

Form № 20-OPP: risks and consequences of non-submission of information on taxable objects.

Facsimile in a contractual relationship: what are the requirements for use?

Electronic evidence: is it possible to protect your rights in court with screenshots of communication on social networks?


Labor relations:

- disguise of labor relations by the so-called internship: sushi bar was fined more than 94 thousand UAH for “trainee”;

- manager goes on vacation: who has the right to sign documents at this time?

- accident at the enterprise: who must be informed?


Tax specialists’ consultations:

- taxation of corporate income tax;

- functioning of monitoring system for compliance of tax invoices / adjustment calculations with the risk assessment criteria;

- single tax and legal entities.


Weekly review of individual tax consultations, ZIR and Supreme court