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New service of the State Tax Service for citizens

, published 23 March 2023 at 17:03

Citizens’ income declaration campaign for 2022 is ongoing from January 1, 2023.

To simplify income declaration procedure for citizens, the State Tax Service of Ukraine has introduced new service – pre-filling in the property and income declaration (hereinafter – declaration), which is available in the Electronic Cabinet.

Service is optimally simple and provides opportunity to:

- having determined only period of the reporting year – obtain from the State register of individuals-taxpayers (hereinafter – State register) information on accrued (paid) income and accrued (recalculated) income tax of individuals and military levy;

- after providing answers to questions in the questionnaire (regarding the payer’s category and type of received income) – receive the pre-filled in declaration based on data from the State register and relevant annexes to declaration;

- add copies of primary documents to declaration as annexes to declaration;

- check declaration and, if necessary, add information with the automatic calculation of tax liabilities.

Service functions for:

- citizens who are obliged to declare their incomes;

- individuals-entrepreneurs who were on the general taxation system;

- individuals engaged in independent professional activity.

This service can also be used by individuals claiming right to tax discount.

Over 10 thousand individuals have already used service in five days.

We thank taxpayers for honestly declared and paid taxes.