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List of operations on the individuals’ accounts for the one-time (special) voluntary declaration has been extended

, published 16 August 2021 at 11:17

The National Bank of Ukraine announced the extension of list of operations on current accounts of individuals (residents and non-residents). These individuals will be able to credit funds from current accounts with a special mode of use for the one-time (special) voluntary declaration to current accounts in foreign and national currency from 01.09.2021.

Amendments were made in order to bring the regulatory framework of the National Bank in line with the Law of Ukraine as of 15.07.2021 № 1539-IX “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine to stimulate the un-shadowing of incomes and increasing the citizens’ tax culture by introducing the one-time (special) voluntary declaration of assets belonging to individuals and payment of the one-time budget levy”.

The National Bank has also improved a number of other rules regarding certain foreign exchange transactions.

Relevant amendments were approved by Resolution of the Board of the National Bank as of 12.08.2021 № 86 “On approval of amendments to Regulations on the protection measures and determination of the Procedure for certain transactions in foreign currency”. They come into force on 01.09.2021.


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