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Declare assets that exceed the statutory norms

, published 06 September 2021 at 14:08

One-time (special) voluntary declaration will last a year and therefore it is time to deal with questions that citizens face. Declaration procedure does not apply to all taxpayers. Acting Chairman of the State Tax Service of Ukraine Yevhen Oleinikov specified who can submit declarations in an interview to the “Censor.NET”.

According to him, the declaration procedure is voluntary and if citizens do not need it, no one will force them to go through it.

“If you decide, it is worth counting on what amount. The state recognizes amount of 400 thousand UAH as income that you could accumulate, given the fact that information on the receipt of this income wasn’t entered to state registers. If a person fits into this range, we take it on trust.” – specified Yevhen Oleinikov.

Acting Chairman of the STS stated that it is possible to declare those assets that exceed the statutory norms, if the taxpayer has a desire to come out of the shadows. Such declaration implies that the state recognizes that these funds can be used legally and does not ask whether taxes are paid from them. But this procedure assumes that the declared assets are not stolen, were not received as a bribe and / or from prohibited activities.

Citizen has opportunity to check information on the received income and taxes paid from them by submitting a request to receive such information from the State Register of Individuals – Taxpayers in the E-cabinet.

“We have register of income of each person kept since 1995. It includes everything: the inheritance and received salary, as well as self-declared. Within an hour in the taxpayer’s E-cabinet you will receive a certificate on each year in which you had income in response to your request. If you do not use such E-cabinet in principle, you can contact the Taxpayer service center and within three days you will also receive such certificate.  ” – assured Yevhen Oleinikov.


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