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More than 1.6 million UAH has been paid to the budget since the start of one-time (special) voluntary declaration

, published 07 October 2021 at 12:45

One-time (special) voluntary declaration campaign of individuals’ assets, which began on 01.09.2021, continues.

Citizens who submitted the one-time (special) voluntary declaration have already paid more than 1.6 million UAH to the State budget of Ukraine.

Herewith, the administrative shortcomings that were identified after the start of this campaign are promptly eliminated.

Specifically, Board of the National Bank of Ukraine adopted a Resolution as of 30.09.2021 № 97 “On amendments to Regulations on the procedure for opening and maintaining current accounts with a special regime of use in national and foreign currencies, as well as bank metals for the one-time (special) voluntary declaration”.

Reminder! The Law of Ukraine as of 15.06.2021 № 1539 “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and other laws of Ukraine to stimulate un-shadowing of income and increase citizens’ tax culture by introducing the one-time (special) voluntary declaration of assets belonging to individuals and payment of levy to the budget” entered into force on 21.07.2021.


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