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To the attention of the RRO/PRRO developers!

published 18 January 2023 at 16:54

State Tax Service informs about the restoration of operation of the search service "Search for a fiscal check", located at the link:

This service allows to search for a settlement document (check) of the RRO/PRRO, including by scanning the QR code, which is requisites of a check according to Regulation on the form and content of settlement documents/electronic settlement documents, approved by Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine № 13 as of 21.01.2016  and contains message authentication code (MAS) of this check, date and time of settlement operation, fiscal number of the cashier's check/electronic cashier's check, amount of settlement operation, fiscal number of the RRО/РRRО.

In order to ensure that check can be found using the specified search service, the State Tax Service recommends that the QR code of check contains the link (direct call) to the search service:                                     

by structure:

time=HHmm&id=NNNN…&sm=" "&fn=1234567890, where

ABCD… – MAK (hash);

yyyyMMdd – check date;

HHmm – time;

NNNN... – check ID;

sm – amount of settlement operation (separator ".");

1234567890 is the fiscal number of the RRO/PRRO on which check was issued.


Using the QR code to search for check through the State Tax Service’s search service greatly simplifies such search for a buyer of products/services.