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Additional places of activity (distilleries) were included in the license for alcohol production by the SE “Ukrspyrt”

15.10.2020 -

State Tax Service included additional places of activity (distilleries that are a part of the State Enterprise “Ukrspyrt”) in the license for production of non-denatured ethyl alcohol to the State Enterprise “Ukrspyrt”. This license will be valid until the 10th of January 2025.

Deputy Director of the SE “Ukrspyrt” Serhii Bleskun thanked the STS for efficiency and productive cooperation. He also stated that after successful completion of privatization, such licenses in Ukraine will be obtained by the private distilleries. Currently, the SE “Ukrspyrt” competes in the market with other state-owned plants which after demonopolization on the 1st of July are also competing for buyers.

In total during January – September 2020, the actual excise tax revenues from alcohol exceeded expectations by 96.4% or 99.7 million UAH. The budget received 203.2 million UAH during 9 months of 2020. Revenues have increased by 48% or 66 million UAH comparing to January – September 2019.

SE “Ukrspyrt” is the main producer and the excise tax payer for alcohol, its total share of payment is more than 50%.