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Declaration campaign – 2021 has started

05.01.2021 -

Campaign for declaring income that citizens earned in 2020 has been started since the beginning of 2021.

It is citizens’ annual constitutional duty to submit property and income declaration for the previous year (Part 2 Article 67 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

Taxpayer or his / her authorized individual can choose a convenient way of submitting the property and income tax declaration (hereinafter – the Declaration) at the place of tax address, namely personally; by mail or by electronic means of communication.

Please note that electronic service “Property and income declaration” works on the official web portal of the State Tax Service in the Electronic Cabinet in section “EC for citizens” for the taxpayers’ convenience and simplification of procedure for declaring income by citizens. With a help of this service it is possible to submit the declaration and send it to the supervisory authority in electronic form with copies of primary documents, particularly for obtaining a tax rebate.

The deadline for submission of declaration for the reporting (tax) year 2020 is:

- 09.02.2021 for individuals – entrepreneurs who carry out business activities on the general taxation system of taxation within 40 calendar days following the last calendar day of the reporting (tax) year.

- 30.04.2021 for citizens who are required to submit the declaration according to the provisions of Section IV of the TCU and individuals involved in independent professional activity until May 1 of the year following the reporting year.

- 31.12.2021 (inclusively) for individuals who declare right to obtain a tax rebate for the reporting year.

Reminder! Obligation to submit the declaration arises upon the receipt of:

- income not from the tax agents (that is, from other individuals who are not registered as self-employed). In particular, such income includes income from the leasing of movable or immovable property to other individuals; inheritance of property not from family members of the first and second degrees of kinship

- income from the tax agents that wasn’t taxed upon the payment and is not exempted from taxation. In particular, such income includes operations with investment assets;

- foreign income;

- and in other cases stipulated by the Code.

At the same time, it should be indicated that the taxpayer’s obligation to submit the tax declaration is considered fulfilled and the tax declaration can be not submitted if such taxpayer received income only:

- from tax agents that are not included in the total monthly (annual) taxable income;

- exclusively from tax agents, regardless of the type and amount of accrued (paid, provided) income, excepting expressly provided for in Section IV of the TCU;

- from the sale (exchange) of property, donations, income from which according to Section IV of the TCU is not taxed, taxed at a zero rate and / or from which a tax was paid according to Section IV of the TCU when notarizing contracts;

- in the form of inheritance objects, which are taxed at a zero tax rate and / or from which the tax is paid according to Paragraph 174.3 Article 174 of the TCU.

Economic development of Ukraine, its financial security and level of social protection depend on the responsible attitude to the legislative requirements and timely fulfillment of the constitutional duty by citizens.


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