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Oleksiy Lyubchenko: cooperation with the IMF regarding reformation of the STS ensured positive result

12.01.2021 -

Chairman of the State Tax Service of Ukraine Oleksiy Lyubchenko participated in an online meeting with experts from the International Monetary Fund’s mission to review the cooperation program with Ukraine.

“It is important for us to cooperate with representatives of the International Monetary Fund in key issues of the STS’s development, which contributes to the achievement of positive results in effective and consistent implementation of the STS’s reforms according to the world’s best practices.” – stated Oleksiy Lyubchenko.

Issues of reforming the STS according to the terms of the Memorandum on Economic and Financial Policy with the IMF as of 02.06.2020 were discussed an online meeting.

Specifically, the STS provided fulfilment of a structural beacon of this Memorandum on the functioning of Service as a single legal entity from 01.01.2021.

Measures to implement effective and consistent definition of mechanism for implementing activities of the STS in the format of a single legal entity were divided into two stages. Testing distribution of functional powers was conducted as a part of the first stage. The second stage became the final stage of ensuring activity of the STS as a single legal entity. 

As follows, according to the Order of the STS as of 24.12.2020 № 755, execution of its powers by territorial bodies of the STS began on 01.01.2021. 

Task of creating centralized risk management unit at the STS, activities of which will be a basis for implementation of the best world’s practices of tax compliance in Ukraine was also done. 

Representatives of the IMF mission also noted significant steps taken by the STS to introduce a new approach to the tax audit, which is based on risk analysis and expanded range of online services for taxpayers.


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