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Single account: 200 million UAH has already been paid

, published 29 April 2021 at 16:26

2 thousand people have used the single account to pay taxes since the beginning of 2021. They have already paid more than 200 million UAH.

This method of paying taxes is comfortable because it reduces financial costs and taxpayers’ time to form settlement documents.

Obligation to pay taxes and single social contribution is considered fulfilled from the moment of depositing funds to the single account.

It is possible to settle with the budget and funds with one payment document for the total amount.

Reminder! It is possible to transfer all current payments through single account, as well as the tax debt from such payments, arrears of single social contribution and monetary obligations determined on the basis of tax notifications-decisions.

To switch to the single account, it is needed to take three simple steps.

The first is to submit a “Notification on the use of single account” in the form J / F 1307001through the Electronic Cabinet.

The second is to receive a receipt for inclusion in the Register of payers who use single account.

The third is to provide the servicing bank with settlement documents indicating requisites of single account for the total amount without determining the recipients or with determining them.

Payers, who have not submitted the Notification in form J / F 1307001, continue to transfer payments directly to budget / non-budget accounts.


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