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Information reference on the budget revenues in January – May 2021

, published 01 June 2021 at 18:10

New STS’s team was formed in May 2021 and a number of transformation processes were launched, including a change in strategic goals and mission.

Ensuring a steady increase in the budget revenues, which began last year, is maintained. And this is not an accidental result – it is the consequences of systematic work.

May 2021 is the first month of victory of its results.

State Tax Service continues counteracting the shadow economy and building modern model of interaction with taxpayers on the principles of fairness, equality, transparency and convenience of taxation processes.


May 2021

Indicative figure – 71.5 billion UAH;

In fact – 75.0 billion UAH.

Over-fulfillment is + 3.5 billion UAH

Comparing to last year: + 31.8 billion UAH or 73.7%.

(еxcluding part of the net profit and dividends + 21.5 billion UAH or + 50.6%)


Including the VAT:

Indicative figure (balance) – 10.5 billion UAH;

In fact – 10.7 billion UAH.

Over-fulfillment is + 0.2 billion UAH or 1.7%.

Comparing to last year: + 4.1 billion UAH or 1.6 times more!


January – May 2021:

Indicative figure – 226.0 billion UAH;

In fact – 240.2 billion UAH.

Over-fulfillment is + 14.2 billion UAH

Comparing to last year: + 59.5 billion UAH or +32.9%.


Including the VAT (January May 2021):

Indicative figure (balance) – 56.1 billion UAH

In fact – 61.7 billion UAH

Over-fulfillment: + 5.6 billion UAH or + 10.0%

Comparing to last year: + 21.5 billion UAH or 1.5 times more!

Amount of reimbursed VAT is 62.9 billion UAH in January – May 2021.


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