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To the attention of taxpayers – employers!

, published 09 July 2021 at 10:59

State Tax Service of Ukraine reminds taxpayers of the need to register (formalize) employment relationships with employees.

State Tax Service jointly with the State Labor Service launched a campaign to un-shadow labor relations on 01.07.2021.

STS provides information support providing the State Labor Service with lists of business entities that have the highest risks of using undeclared employment.

Such cooperation gives its results. State Labor Service has already identified 336 employees who have not been properly registered as of 05.07.2021.


If you:

appoint a person with certain responsibilities;

determine his / her working schedule and working hours;

pay a fixed salary;

pay for the working process not the result, this means that you are an employer and such person is an employee with whom you need to register employment relationship.

Timely registration of labor relations is a guarantee of financial stability of your business. In addition, financial risks and consequences of using undeclared employment significantly exceed costs that arise than those that arise in case of employment relationships registration with employees according to current legislation.


Communicate with the State Tax Service remotely using the “InfoTAX” service