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To the attention of taxpayers who use hired labor!

, published 13 July 2021 at 14:44

State Tax Service of Ukraine jointly with the State Labor Service conduct a number of joint measures, both informational and control in order to un-shadow employment relations.

As of today, there is a positive tendency in increasing a number of properly employed employees.

After all, only from June 30 to July 6 this year, the taxpayers submitted notifications to the STS and its bodies about employment registration of 158.5 thousand employees, which is an average of 22.6 thousand per day.

For comparison: an average daily number of employed employees amounted to 11.6 thousand in the previous month. Therefore, there is almost a doubled number of duly registered and employed employees.

STS thanks conscientious taxpayers who have established employment relations with employees. Employers who ignore performance of their duties please recall of the statutory liability for the use of undocumented and unregistered employees (60 thousand UAH for the violation for the first time and 180 thousand UAH if violation was detected again within two years).


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