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Yevhen Oleinikov held a meeting with representatives of the US Treasury Department’s Office of Technical Assistance

, published 14 September 2021 at 17:59

Cooperation plan between the State Tax Service and the US Treasury Department’s Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) was discussed by acting Chairman of the STS Yevhen Oleinikov and acting Deputy Director of the US Treasury Department Alan Robido, advisors Ferris Fink, Philip Brand and Susan Stanley.

OTA experts noted readiness of tax officials to implement changes and develop functionality of the STS. This particularly regards understanding of importance of the ongoing processes in the STS and level of employees’ awareness about the final reform results.

“Our working strategy with the STS’s team is to explain the need for changes. We work on the principle –change together. When we see results of our work, it is the best incentive to continue the reform process. The main thing is that such changes are irreversible, they are perceived by the whole team” – assured acting Chairman of the STS Yevhen Oleinikov.

He also emphasized that today the STS does not have a law enforcement function and results of its work have deteriorated and also increased significantly. This allowed us to build a new relationship with taxpayers.

Acting Chairman of the STS Yevhen Oleinikov specified that exchange of information, construction of a convenient and effective system of services for taxpayers, effective interaction with the law enforcement agencies and change management system are among the main areas of OTA’s expert assistance, in which the STS is interested.

According to the OTA experts, all identified areas will be included in the mission’s work plan to maximize the STS’s capacity.


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