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Information reference on the budget revenues in January – September 2021

, published 01 October 2021 at 15:29

(general fund of the state budget, operational data)

Strategic goals of the State Tax Service are unchanged and clear.

State Tax Service remains a reliable partner for honest taxpayers.


September 2021:

Indicative figure – 38.08 billion UAH (taking into account an increase in the income tax indicator by 4.0 billion UAH);

In fact – 39.7 billion UAH.

Comparing to last year: +8.1 billion UAH or 25.6%.

Over-fulfillment is + 0.9 billion UAH

Including the VAT:

Indicative figure (balance) – 12.0 billion UAH;

In fact – 12.56 billion UAH.

Comparing to last year: + 1.4 billion UAH or 12.7%.

Over-fulfillment is + 0.5 billion UAH or 4.5%.

January – September 2021:

Indicative figure – 427.6 billion UAH;

In fact – 449.6 billion UAH.

Comparing to last year: + 62.3 billion UAH or +16.1%.

(excluding the profit part and dividends + 100.8 billion UAH or +31.3%)

Over-fulfillment is + 21.9 billion UAH

Including the VAT (January September 2021):

Indicative figure (balance) – 103.8 billion UAH

In fact – 113.8 billion UAH

Comparing to last year: + 28.8 billion UAH or by 33.8% more!

Over-fulfillment is + 9.9 billion UAH or + 9.6%


Growth rate of the VAT revenues exceeds the growth rate of supply by 5.2 percentage points

The VAT reimbursement to taxpayers amounted to 111.0 billion UAH during January – September 2021. Reimbursement is made according to the claimed amounts.

93.7 billion UAH or 17.3% are remained to be fulfilled by the annual target of general fund of the state budget.


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