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Resort – 2021: penalties totaling 78.5 million UAH have been additionally accrued

, published 07 October 2021 at 11:20

State Tax Service of Ukraine instructed its territorial bodies to organize actual audits of business entities operating in the public recreation places, resorts and recreation centers to prevent violations of current legislation in the organization of economic activities during the summer holiday season 2021.

Audit units conducted 1951 actual audits of business entities in places of mass recreation of citizens, resorts and recreation centers during the summer 2021. Audits resulted in accrual of penalties (financial sanctions) totaling 78.5 million UAH. Seizure of the counterfeit products for 13.7 million UAH was initiated in 85 cases.

During the actual audits was established the following:

637 cases of sale of excisable products without the use of registrars of settlement operations totaling 26.3 million UAH;

492 cases of sale of excisable products not accounted for in the prescribed manner for 8.9 million UAH;

147 cases of sale of excisable products without permissive documents (licenses) for 3.4 million UAH;

335 cases of sale of alcoholic beverages at prices lower than the established minimum wholesale or retail prices for 3.6 million UAH;

2153 cases of other violations totaling 36.2 million UAH.

452 timings were performed during actual audits, as a result of which in most cases the average daily revenue was increased from 15 to 300%.

In addition, based on the results of control and audit measures, the territorial audit units established:

92 cases of illegal individuals’ activity (without state registration);

122 cases of additionally registered employees.

4280 licenses for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages were additionally obtained;

2062 for the retail sale of tobacco products.

Also, 952 materials of administrative offenses were sent to judicial bodies as a result of control and verification measures, responsibility for which is provided for in Article 1551 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. Currently 675 people have been brought to administrative responsibility.

Due to effective control and coordinated work of the State Tax Service, violators have already paid more than 10 million UAH to the relevant budgets.


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