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Illegal sale of tobacco products in one Kyiv market was detected and terminated

, published 15 November 2021 at 11:35

State Tax Service, in order to control the retail market of excisable products, prevent sale of the counterfeit (excluding excise tax stamps and / or counterfeiting signs), as well as preventing entry into the retail market of excisable products sale of which is intended for duty-free shops, constantly monitors information from external sources (including posted on the Internet, social networks Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). There are also constant surveys of places of spontaneous trade (markets, exits from subway stations and places of mass gathering of citizens).

Joint actions of territorial divisions of the State Tax Service and territorial divisions of the National Police of Ukraine were coordinated to promptly respond to detected violations.

Coordinated work of employees of the State Tax Service in Kyiv city resulted in detection and termination of illegal sale of tobacco products in one market in the center of Kyiv city.

During the audit of places of possible illegal sale of tobacco products, the actual sale of tobacco products by a citizen of Ukraine at a business facility (kiosk) without relevant state registration and without license for the retail sale of tobacco products was detected. Sold tobacco products did not have excise tax stamps of established sample; registrar of settlement operations was also absent.

More than 6 thousand packs of tobacco products of foreign and domestic origin were confiscated as a result of joint measures of officials of Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in Kyiv city and representatives of the National Police of Ukraine in Kyiv city (who promptly arrived at the STS’s call). Total cost of confiscated tobacco products is nearly 200 thousand UAH.

All collected materials were sent to the judiciary to take appropriate action according to current legislation.

In case of detecting sale of excisable products in violation of Ukrainian legislation, please immediately inform the State Tax Service of Ukraine to take control and audit measures.

For comprehensive and high-quality consideration of such appeals, please indicate if possible: address of the business entity, name (title) of gas station network, with provision (if any) of supporting document (check from registrar of settlement operations) or any other information that can be used for control and audit measures.


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