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Are business entities obliged to create (print) fiscal receipts from the RRO and / or PRRO on a daily basis and ensure their storage?

, published 14 January 2022 at 12:41

Paragraph 9 Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine as of 06.07.1995 “On use of registrars of settlement operations in trade, public catering and services” with changes and amendments stipulates that business entities that carry out settlement operations in cash and / or non-cash form (using electronic payment means, payment checks, tokens, etc.) in trade, public catering and services, as well as cash acceptance operations for further transfer of funds are obliged to create daily in paper and / or electronic form fiscal reporting checks in case of settlement operations by registrars of settlement operations (abb. RRO) (excluding vending machines with products (services)) or software RRO. 


More information is in the “Knowledge Base” of public information and reference resource