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Tetiana Kirienko and representatives of the Office of Technical Assistance of the US Treasury Department discussed improvement of tax administration

, published 04 August 2022 at 09:10

Directions for implementation of expert assistance in improving tax administration processes were discussed today by acting Chairman of the State Tax Service Tetiana Kirienko and head of the Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) of the US Treasury Department Phil Brand and OTA assistant Serhii Suprun.

Participants considered projects that would improve work of the State Tax Service in wartime conditions and allow formation of effective tax administration system, which would promote financial growth and generate internal revenues to finance reconstruction of the state after victory. 

“Our country is in extremely difficult conditions and work of the State Tax Service must constantly adapt to them. Majority of taxpayers have shown themselves to be sincere patriots of Ukraine and try to pay taxes to the budget to support economy and the Armed Forces. That is why we are always open to new ideas and initiatives to improve this process” – emphasized Tetiana Kirienko.

Tetiana Kirienko thanked OTA representatives for cooperation and support of State Tax Service in implementation of reforms.

In turn, Phil Brand emphasized importance of continuing tax reforms and assured further advisory support to the State Tax Service on various taxation issues. Among the projects that tax officials will work on together with OTA experts are the automation of operational activities in the tax debt collection sphere, development of tax compliance, taxpayer’ registration, etc.