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State Tax Service, during the audit of activities of the well-known trade network enterprises, detected numerous legislative violations

, published 22 September 2022 at 15:19

State Tax Service conducted analysis of activities of the well-known and extensive network that carries out sale of the non-food products in Ukraine. It has been established that business units of the network, using one trade brand, belong to different individuals – entrepreneurs, who systematically sell goods without use of RRO/PRRO according to the same scheme.

On the basis of detected facts, the State Tax Service sent a task of conducting actual audits of the specified network to its regional departments.

Control measures organized by the State Tax Service became an impetus for network representatives to realize the need for strict compliance with the law and led to the additional registration of 211 registrars of settlement operations in just one month.

At the same time, during implementation of the STS’s control task regional departments conducted actual audits of the specified trade units, during which:

in each inspection, a violation of procedure for carrying out settlements was found out in the part of non-conduction of settlement operations through the RRO/PRRO and depriving consumer of the right to receive settlement document of the prescribed form and content (cashier's check);

23 audits revealed cases of using labor of individuals with whom labor relations were not formalized;

26 audits revealed non-keeping of records of commodity stocks at the place of their sale.

As a result, significant fines (financial sanctions) are expected to be charged as a result of conducted audits.