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New free PRRO versions for the iOS and Android

, published 03 October 2022 at 14:38

State Tax Service of Ukraine has developed new versions of the PRRO software for the iOS and Web, as well as updated versions for Windows and Android. Starting today, everyone can download relevant software for free on the web-portal of the State Tax Service.

New PRRO versions from the State Tax Service are free solution, mainly for micro and small business that work in trade sphere and provision of services.

They make it easy to register settlement operations and submit PRRO reports for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. The unified design of all PRRO versions allows to use different gadgets without reconfiguration.

Convenient mobile services are an urgent need during martial law in the country. Modern and convenient applications from the State Tax Service will help to comply with requirements of tax legislation, without burdening business with additional costs and will protect buyers from losing checks.

Number of PRRO as of October 1, 2022 is 395.3 thousand.

Opportunities of PRRO from the State Tax Service:

- creation and registration of fiscal checks;

- easy addition of products and services to the fiscal check;

- printing and sending fiscal checks to buyers by mail or messengers;

- opening/closing the working shift;

- official entry/official issuance;

- maintenance of nomenclature directories;

- export/import of nomenclature directories;

- sale of products/services not included in the nomenclature directory;

- use of a barcode scanner;

- use of different payment forms (cash/non-cash/combined (both cash and card));

- simple registration of discount for a separate product or the entire amount of check;

- registration of return of products and return checks;

- forming and reviewing X-report;

- forming and reviewing Z-report;

- automatic or manual closing of the working shift and sending Z-report.


Only three steps are needed to make to use PRRO from the State Tax Service.

Step 1. Download and install the PRRO software corresponding to the operating system of your device — from the AppStore for iOS (version 15 or later), from PlayMarket for Android (version 8.1 or later), from the web-portal of the State Tax Service for Windows (version 7 SP1 or later). Follow this link to use web version. 

Step 2. Make sure that you submitted the following forms through the Electronic Cabinet, Single window for submission of electronic reporting:

- 20-OPP "Notification on taxation objects..." (F1312004 for individuals – entrepreneurs, J1312004 for legal entities);

- 1-PRRO "Application for PRRO registration" (F1316604 for individuals – entrepreneurs, J1316604 for legal entities);

- 5-PRRO "Notification on providing information regarding the qualified public key certificate" (F1391802 for individuals – entrepreneurs, J1391802 for legal entities);

Step 3. Open application and log in using the qualified electronic signature that was specified in the 5-PRRO form.

Development of new free PRRO versions became possible due to financing under the European Union program – the EU4PFM project.

The best European standards for taxpayers!

#EU4PFM program