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Congratulations on the Unity Day of Ukraine

, published 20 January 2023 at 18:25

Dear Ukrainians!

On January 22, we celebrate the Unity Day of Ukraine. More than a hundred years ago, Ukrainian lands were united into a single independent state. This day reminds that we have a single state and we are a single nation!

And now, more than ever, we are united in our actions, thoughts and dreams. We all together strive for Victory and wish to live in a free, safe, fair and successful country. This is exactly the kind of Ukraine each of us wants to see and this is exactly how we will rebuild it and make it.

We are clearly aware that we must be strong and indomitable, support each other and overcome trials together. We remember that fortitude, optimism, patriotism and ability to find common language make a nation strong and invincible.

Our unity must remain strong chain that protects all of us and Ukraine not only on this day, but also forever.

Only together we are strong, because our strength is in unity. Together and with joint efforts - to Victory!

Glory to Ukraine!


Acting Head

of the State Tax Service of Ukraine

Tetiana Kiriienko