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Representatives of the State Tax Service learn world practice of resuming work in the tax debt sphere after martial law

, published 15 April 2024 at 12:16

Representatives of the State Tax Service of Ukraine took part in working meetings that lasted from April 8 to 12, 2024 as a part of implementation of the Work plan for 2023-2024 at initiative of the US Department of Finance (Treasury) Office of Technical Assistance.

Purpose of events was to learn global practice of resuming work in the tax debt collection after lifting of martial law. Participation in this program contributes to the improvement and improvement of debt collection from taxpayers in bankruptcy proceedings.

Office of Technical Assistance suggested to continue for 2025-2026 the overall concept of operations (CONOPS), which will define desired future state of tax debt management by the State Tax Service.

In turn, the State Tax Service noted importance of cooperation with the Office of Technical Assistance, as to date attention of tax officials is, in particular, focused on development of recommendations for working with tax debt, especially its collection in bankruptcy procedure.

Due to these activities, the State Tax Service improves and increases its capacity to improve tax debt collection activities, providing useful pathways to transition from the current state to the anticipated future state.