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Ternopil region paid almost 5.6 billion UAH to the consolidated budget

08.10.2020 -

Taxpayers of Ternopil region transferred 5 billion 622.9 million UAH of taxes and fees to the consolidated budget during January – September 2020. “Revenues growth has amounted 462.6 million UAH or 9% more than during the corresponding period in 2019” – detailed Head of Main Directorate of the STS in Ternopil region Ivan Punko. He also added that additional revenues have amounted 374.9 million UAH, as payments exceeded expectations by 7.1%.

“The state treasury received 2 billion 355.9 million UAH from our region, while during January – September 2019, the state treasury received 2 billion 85.2 million UAH of payments. As a result, revenues have increased by 270.7 million UAH or 13% in 2019. Revenues growth comparing to expected indicators has amounted 175.1 million UAH or plus 8%” – said tax official.

According to Head of Main Directorate of the STS in Ternopil region, traditionally the value added tax, income tax and excise tax are leaders among the main budget-forming payments. “Business entities of Ternopil region paid 1 billion 72 million UAH of the value added tax, 189.4 million UAH of the income tax and 12.7 million UAH of the excise tax.” – specified Ivan Punko.

Local budget revenues amounted 3 billion 262.4 million UAH. “This is 6.4% more than expected (+197.5 million UAH) and 6.3% more (+ 193.1 million UAH) comparing to 3 quarters of 2019” – stated Ivan Punko.

“I hope that business entities of our region will continue to be responsible in paying taxes and will take care of the development and well-being of their native Ternopil and the country in general.” – summarized Head of Main Directorate of the STS in Ternopil region.