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Taxpayers of Chernihiv region replenished budgets by 895 million UAH in September 2020

08.10.2020 -

Taxpayers of Chernihiv region paid 895.3 million UAH of taxes and fees to budgets of all levels in September 2020. Level of the corresponding period in 2019 has exceeded by 9.4% or 76.8 million UAH.

The state budget received 44% of funds, namely 396.8 million UAH. Revenues growth has amounted 4.6% or 17.5 million UAH comparing to September 2019. Revenues growth from the personal income tax and military levy has increased by 16.8% (+ 22.6 million UAH), including the VAT – by 9.3% (+15.3 million UAH).

Local budgets of all levels received 498.4 million UAH of taxes and fees. Revenues growth has amounted 13.5% or 59.4 million UAH comparing to 2019.

Almost 71% of amount received by local budgets is the personal income tax (353.8 million UAH, which is 17.5% more than in 2019 or 52.7 million UAH). More than 16.6% of amount was transferred to the budget from the property tax payment (for land, real estate and transport – 82.8 million UAH). Also, the single tax on entrepreneurial activity is important for budgets of territorial communities, which was transferred in the amount of 6.6% or 32.8 million UAH (almost at the level of September 2019). Excise tax on the sale of alcohol, tobacco and fuel was transferred in the amount of 18.4 million UAH (3.7% of the total revenues).

In addition, insurers paid 444.6 million UAH of the single contribution to compulsory state social insurance, which ensured revenues growth by 15% or more than 58 million UAH comparing to the corresponding month in 2019.