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More than 11.7 thousand residents of Ternopil region declared income

, published 29 December 2020 at 13:47

11715 residents of Ternopil region declared their income during January – November 2020. 6882 residents reported tax-free income received in 2019. 4833 citizens used a tax rebate during this period. They claimed about 638.7 million UAH of received in 2019 income, which is 196.8 million UAH more than during the corresponding period in 2019.

Total amount of self-accrued tax liabilities amounted to 23.8 million UAH of the personal income tax and 4.3 million UAH of the military levy.

Most often, the declarants claimed inheritance, gifts. They submitted 1572 declarations for 177.2 million UAH of income. Income from the sale of movable or immovable property and property leasing were declared by 792 and 347 regional residents. They declared 83.1 million UAH and 12.7 million UAH of income, respectively. 315 residents received 31 million UAH from independent professional activity. 56 citizens applied for investment income in the amount of 41.5 million UAH.

The biggest amounts of personal income tax, namely 9.7 million UAH and 5.6 million UAH were determined by residents of Ternopil region, who received gifts and inheritance in 2019 and enriched from independent professional activity.