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Newsletter 25: Deduction of the net profit (income) part: changes for the state forestry, forest protection and other enterprises, which belong to management of the State Agency of Forest Resources

, published 05 November 2021 at 11:15

Newsletter 25 is devoted to innovations introduced by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 14.07.2021 № 718 “On amendments to Paragraph 1 of the Procedure for deduction of the net profit (income) part by state unitary enterprises and their associations to the state budget” in terms of accrual of the net profit (income) part.

Newsletter contains following information:

- innovations provided by the Resolution № 718;

- payers affected by provisions of the Resolution № 718;

- from which date it is possible to calculate deduction of the net profit (income) part to the state budget in the amount of 50 percent;

- whether amount of the net profit (income) part accrued by a taxpayer for the previous reporting (tax) periods of 2021 is subject to recalculation;

- how to reflect changes in the submission of Calculation of the net profit, dividends on the state share for three quarters of 2021 and results of 2021;

- what non-current assets can be attributed to the implementation of measures for protection, conservation, use and reproduction of forests.

Read the Newsletter № 25 here.


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