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Declaration of assets located in the territory of particular countries

, published 13 January 2022 at 10:20

State Tax Service of Ukraine informs that individual’s assets located (registered) in the territory of a country recognized as an aggressor state (Russian Federation) cannot be declared within a framework of the “tax amnesty”.

Paragraph 1 Sub-section 94 Section XX “Transitional provisions” of the Tax Code of Ukraine as of 02.12.2010 № 2755-VI with changes and amendments (hereinafter – the TCU) stipulates that the one-time (special) voluntary declaration is a special procedure for voluntary individual’s declaration of assets located on the territory of Ukraine and / or abroad, if such individual’s assets were received (acquired) by at the expense of income subject to taxation at the time of their accrual (receipt) in Ukraine and from which taxes and levies were not paid or not in full amount according to legislative requirements on taxation and / or international agreements, the binding nature of which was approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine  and / or which were not declared in violation of tax and currency legislation, the control over which is entrusted to the supervisory authorities during any of the tax periods that occurred before 01.01.2021.

Exclusive list of assets that cannot be declared is given in Paragraph 5 Sub-section 94 Section XX of the TCU.

Specifically Sub-paragraph “e” of Paragraph 5 Sub-section 94 Section XX of the TCU determines that declaration objects may not be declarant’s assets, which are accounted (held) in accounts of financial institutions and / or located (registered) in the territory of an aggressor state according to the law or have sources of origin from such country.