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Employees of the State Tax Service!

published 20 March 2020 at 15:26

Corruption Prevention and Detection Department in the course of organizational and explanatory work on corruption prevention informs that the Law of Ukraine as of 04.03.2020 № 524-ІХ “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine in connection with adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On corruption prevention” entered into force on 20.03.2020.

According to legislative act, the rules for submitting annual declarations for 2019 have been changed, the range of subjects and the list of declaring objects have been narrowed. Employees of the patronage services are not obliged to submit annual declaration for 2019 (list of positions is defined in Article 92 of the Law on Civil Service) except for advisers, assistants, commissioners, press secretary of the President of Ukraine and assistants of judges.

In three types of declarations for 2019, which are the annual, after dismissal, candidate for the position – it is no longer necessary to indicate:

unique entry number in the Unified State Demographic Register;

belonging to national public figures;

registered place of residence of family members of the declaring subjects;

objects of declaration, which were in the possession or use of the declaration subject or family members for at least half of days of the reporting period;

family members of the declaring subject who have lived together with him / her for at least 183 days during a year;

trusts or other similar legal entities, ultimate beneficial owner (controller) of which is the declaration subject or family members;


banking and other institutions, including abroad, in which the declaration subject or family members have opened accounts or kept funds and / or other property.

According to information published on the official web portal of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (“News” section) from March 20, the agency provides for declaring entities option to select “Not applicable” or “No information to declare in this section” in the relevant fields and Section 12.1 of the declaration.

Also, from March 20 it is possible to select mark “Not applicable” in Sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the declaration form, which relate to information about the affiliation of public figures of the declaring entity and registered place of residence of the declarant’s family members.