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E-services posted on the official web portal of the STS


Tax calendar

- Status of settlements with the budget

- Correspondence with the STS and its bodies

- Accounting data

- Information search in the STS’s registers

- Submission of applications / requests

- Submission of property and income declaration in the E-form

- Payment of taxes (individuals)

- VAT data from system of E-administration

- Other E-services
















Information from registers

- Data on payer’s registration

- Register of insurers

- Data from register of the VAT payers

- Register of the single tax payers

- Information on registrars of settlement operations

- Information on accounting books of settlement operations

- Data from Register of excise tax payers on the sale of fuel

- Register of individuals who carry out operations with products















Learn more about your business partner

- Verification of potential business partners for the integrity of taxes to the budget

Public information and reference resource

- Questions – answers from the Knowledge Base

Regulatory and information documents

- Recent legislative changes

Unified Register of individual tax consultations, E-cabinet and written appeals

- Topical questions

- Rates of taxes and levies

- Electronic trust services

- Interactive map

- Important to know

- Contact Center of the STS

- “Pulse” service

- Instructions







“Pulse” service

- Information on illegal actions or inaction (possible corruption risks) by officials of the STS and its territorial bodies




Qualified provider of electronic trust services

- Provision of electronic digital signature services


Specialized client software for generating and submitting reporting to the “Unified window for the E-reporting”

Information on the E-reporting for taxpayers

API description for generating and sending notifications on opening / closing of accounts

Topical innovations

E-services of the VAT SEA and SEA on the sale of fuel and ethyl alcohol

List of the test payers with test keys sets

API description of the Information and telecommunication system “E-cabinet”

Description of formats of the data packet structure of registrars of settlement operations received by the STS from the National Bank of Ukraine

Acceptance and processing of E-documents of the ITS “Unified window for E-reporting”








Data from Registers of the ATO volunteers

-  Information about individuals – benefactors

Citizens’ declaration

-  Property and income tax declaration