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Legalization of grain crops for more than 300 million UAH was exposed in Odessa region

16.10.2020 -

Tax specialists exposed legalization of grain crops in the export operations.

Specialists of the Anti-money laundering department of Main Directorate of the STS in Odessa region during the analytical research identified that in 2020 the limited liability company carried out export operations with grain crops. At the same time, origin of goods could not be determined during the analysis.

Certificates of goods’ origin were received from the customs authorities which were provided to customs by officials of the enterprise for registration of export operations. However, the information from these certificates did not correspond to reality.

As follows, such actions of the enterprise’s official had signs of violation, namely the compilation, issuance of knowingly false information by official and its inclusion in official documents (certificates of grain exporter). This made it possible to legalize grain crops which were subsequently exported for more than 300 million UAH.

It was also identified that he organizers of this scheme probably evaded payment of the value added tax totaling more than 62 million UAH.

Research materials were submitted to the law enforcement agencies for decision-making according to the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.