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Oleksiy Lyubchenko: Eliminating “shadow” we are helping legal sector of economy

25.01.2021 -

Chairman of the STS Oleksiy Lyubchenko spoke about ways to encourage employers to create working places and formal employment in an interview with online publication “Gordon”.

“There are two ways. The first way is that the state can relinquish social obligations. It would seem that the easiest way is to cut costs. But this is categorically impossible to do because pensions are already on the verge of survival, education, social security, medicine ... We understand that this is a crime. Well, there is also a way to increase incomes. How? Thanks to the shadow economy. In this the Tax Service for last year showed how it is possible to help legal sector of economy by eliminating shadow” – assured Oleksiy Lyubchenko.

According to Chairman of the STS, legal sector of economy responds positively to tax measures, as it creates competitive environment.

“Those entrepreneurs with whom I communicate say that issue is not in the 22% rate of single social contribution, 22% of VAT, not in the 18% rate of personal income tax but in paying by everyone to be in equal competitive environment.” – stated Oleksiy Lyubchenko. 

Oleksiy Lyubchenko thinks that in current environment, when the country does not control large amount of incomes, it is necessary to control balance of public finances by analyzing expenditures.

“60% of consumer expenditures are in the shadow. And there is a significant part of budget revenues. If each of 30 million active citizens will increase fiscal check by 100 UAH – this will amount to 1 billion UAH of additional budget revenues per month.” – emphasized Chairman of the STS. 

Full version of interview.  

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