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Amount of declared revenue proceeds increased by 67 billion UAH in 2020

25.01.2021 -

Total amount of declared revenue proceeds has increased by 67 billion UAH in 2020 or 5.6% comparing to results in 2019. Such results, despite the unfavorable conditions of socio-economic development in 2020, were achieved as a result of honest accounting of settlement operations by business entities and ensuring effective control over the completeness of settlements by the STS.

Increase in revenues generated through the RCO was also facilitated by extensive outreach organized and conducted by the STS in 2020.

As follows, more than 100 thousand explanatory measures were organized on the implementation, necessity and ease of use of registrars of calculated operations in 2020. Particular, more than 70 thousand individuals (including 63 thousand individuals – entrepreneurs) directly participated in a total of 4475 online and offline events.


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