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STS explains application specifics of RCO to individuals – entrepreneurs

17.02.2021 -

Territorial divisions of the State Tax Service in regions and Kyiv city from the beginning of 2021 are actively carrying out explanatory work on legislative changes regarding the use of registrars of calculated operations by individuals – entrepreneurs who pay single tax.

886 materials were posted on the Internet, 1145 materials in print media and 272 information materials were provided on radio and television.

This year, more than 12.1 thousand individuals – entrepreneurs who are the single tax payers of Group II – III were informed about the obligatory use of RCO through administrations of markets, as well as shopping and entertainment complexes. More than 18.6 thousand individuals – entrepreneurs who are single tax payers of Group I were informed that they should not use RCO at all.

This information was made public at 10 meetings of public councils at the Main Directorates of the State Tax Service and at 258 meetings of government and local self-government bodies. 380 round tables and meetings with taxpayers’ associations and 734 sessions of telephone hotlines were held, in which participated a total of 36.5 thousand business entities, particularly more than 33.2 thousand individuals – entrepreneurs who are the single tax payers.

More than 14.1 thousand taxpayers were provided with telephone consultations, 12.2 thousand taxpayers received necessary information visiting the State Tax Service, 51 thousand taxpayers – via the Internet (conferences, seminars, etc.).

Relevant materials were also sent to 221 RCO service centers and 922 authorities and local self-governments to inform business entities.


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