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Oleksiy Lyubchenko: Strong scientific basis is a catalyst for successful reforms in the State Tax Service

19.02.2021 -

Chairman of the STS Oleksiy Lyubchenko opened International Symposium on “Architectonics of Fiscal Science and Divergence of Customs and Tax Institutions” which takes place in Ternopil.

Purpose of this event, according to organizers, was to attract a strong circle of Ukrainian and foreign experts to form a network community for the study and development of fiscal science, training and dissemination of scientific culture, ethics, as well as traditions in the formation of young scientific elite of Ukraine. Therefore, such event could not stay unnoticed by the State Tax Service.

International Symposium, organized by the West Ukrainian National University, was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, State Tax Service of Ukraine, State Customs Service of Ukraine, local self-governments, scientists, teachers, heads of consulting companies and others.

“STS has raised extremely difficult issues related to responsibility of person living in Ukraine. This is a question of workplace, pension and irresponsibility of those who do not pay taxes in Ukraine, being citizens.” – stated Oleksiy Lyubchenko.

Taxes, according to Chairman of the STS, “are needed by all those who do not pay them, because the time will come when they, as citizens, will apply to the state for social guarantees, even if they do not understand this fact today.”

Chairman of the STS also said that the STS is currently systematically reforming the service itself as an institution and the whole set of administrative processes on the basis of full audit of activities.

“We are transparent, we do everything to become service and technological institution. Our main task is to create the most competitive conditions for doing business, which will contribute to the fair payment of taxes by business” – emphasized Oleksiy Lyubchenko. 

He also emphasized that during the meetings, international partners noted major changes of the STS. And this is a result of efforts of all employees, who work honestly and who have something to be proud of.

Chairman of the STS also considers education of professionally powerful and responsible young specialists to be an indisputable priority.

“We have to do everything to convince younger generation that our future depends on everyone and they can do everything” – specified Oleksiy Lyubchenko.  

During event participants discussed priorities of the state tax policy in 2021 and impact of tax revenues on the state budget revenues. They got acquainted with methods of harmonization of tax revenues in the EU countries, electronic public services offered to Polish taxpayers, etc.


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