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STS has ambitious plans: launching e-taxes, e-RRO, e-Excise

19.02.2021 -

STS is an active participant in the process of digital transformation of administrative services. Among the 94 projects launched by the Ministry in key areas, the STS is responsible for e-taxes, e-RRO and e-Excise.

These services will help make tax payment processes faster, more efficient and as transparent as possible.

Building e-STS is an important component of building a digital state in general. That is why the STS supports important state projects of digital transformation, which allow to digitize Ukraine in all spheres and at all levels – from national to local.

View the STS projects on the portal “Diya”. It contains necessary information about projects, particularly clear deadlines, related projects and those responsible for the implementation processes.

STS projects:

- creation of information system for electronic administration of excise tax;

- development of information system for the collection, storage, use of RRO / PRRO data;

- introduction of updated electronic services of the taxpayer’s cabinet.

In general, in order to create favorable conditions for development of small and medium-sized business in the framework of draft project through the portal “Diya” it is planned to transfer about 10 administrative services of the STS.

Learn more about digital transformation projects:


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