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Regarding online shopping via the Internet

published 07 April 2021 at 11:58

Recently, appeals of citizens who ordered or purchased goods (products) on the websites of its sellers using the Internet have become more frequent.

The essence of appeals is that sellers of goods (products) on their websites provide false information about quantity, price, payment methods and delivery of goods (products), which violates legislative requirements of the consumer’s protection.

In addition, such sellers of goods in most cases do not meet requirements of Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On the use of registrars of calculated (settlement) operations in trade, catering and services” and do not issue settlement documents (checks) to buyers or issue documents that do not meet requirements for settlement documents.

We draw attention of citizens – buyers to the fact that sellers are obliged to issue payment documents (checks) and buyers have the right to receive them.

Failure to receive payment documents (checks) by buyers deprives them of the opportunity to assert their rights as a consumer, as buyers do not have any documents confirming the fact of concluding agreement between him / her and the sellers.

Given mentioned above, we recommend citizens – buyers when making purchases via the Internet to require sellers to ensure the issuance of payment document (check) in a paper form or sending electronic payment documents.


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