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350 million UAH of financial sanctions have been additionally accrued as a result of of gas station audits since the beginning of 2021

, published 28 April 2021 at 10:32

STS intensified activity to combat illicit trafficking and retail trade of fuel in Ukraine. To this end, tax specialists participate in the interdepartmental regional working groups created under regional state administrations.

Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine has provided a list of 475 business entities that, in their opinion, work in violation of current legislation.

According to results of the pre-audit analysis of received information on the presence of risks, the number of 324 audits was conducted and 13 audits – initiated. 238 legislative violations on the fuel turnover were established and more than 25 million UAH of fines and financial sanctions were additionally accrued.

In total since the beginning of 2021, the State Tax Service has conducted 745 actual audits of gas stations to prevent and detect legislative violations by the taxpayers who carry out fuel trade and 350 million UAH of financial sanctions (fines) have been applied to violators.

In addition, according to results of control and audit measures, the amount of 592.9 thousand liters of fuel was seized from illegal turnover for a total amount of 15.5 million UAH, particularly:

- diesel fuel – 304.6 thousand liters for almost 7.6 million UAH;

- gasoline A-92 – 39.9 thousand liters for 972.8 thousand UAH;

- A-95 gasoline –205.2 thousand liters for 6.4 million UAH;

- liquefied gas – 43.2 thousand liters for 621.4 thousand UAH.

Operation of 25 gas stations was terminated and 86 units of equipment used for illegal fuel trade were seized for a total of 8 million UAH.

Reminder! Activities of the interdepartmental regional working groups was intensified to conduct joint activities to combat illicit trafficking and retail trade of fuel in Ukraine, established at regional state administrations by the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 24.12.2019 in order to overcome the critical situation on the oil and gas market according to the Protocol of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 03.03.2021 № 29.

Representatives of the State Tax Service jointly with representatives of the National Police, State Fiscal Service, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine, State Labor Service, State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine, State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and prosecutors regularly participate in 26 permanent working groups and joint activities to test enterprises operating with legislative violation risk signs.


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