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Yevhen Oleinikov: Practical implementation of recommendations of the EU4PFM project experts demonstrates successful results

, published 14 July 2021 at 17:37

Main achievements and results of implementation of the Public Financial Management Support Programme of Ukraine (EU4PFM) for the first half of 2021 and priorities for the next periods were discussed during meeting of the Steering Committee of the EU4PFM Project, which took place on July 14.

Event was attended by managers of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine, European Commission Support Group at the European Commission, the Lithuanian Project Management Agency, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), representatives of the Ministry of Finance, State Tax Service and State Customs Service, Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, national and international EU4PFM experts.

Acting Chairman of the STS Yevhen Oleinikov noted achievement of positive results from the practical implementation of recommendations provided by the EU4PFM Project experts, due to their effective coordination with tools available at the State Tax Service.

“It is very important for us to continue cooperation with the Project. The first is access to knowledge and competences provided by the European experts. The second is provision of public support for reforms that are taking place in the State Tax Service. After all, the European integration is one of those issues that have the society’s support. And interaction of the State Tax Service with our international partners in a framework of the EU4PFM Project demonstrates coherence and support of the European Union reforms in the State Tax Service.” – stated acting Chairman of the STS Yevhen Oleinikov.  

According to him, one of the areas of further cooperation within the Project is implementation of compliance strategy, which is currently being implemented by the STS.

Purpose of this strategy is to prevent violation risks of tax legislation by both taxpayers and the STS’s employees in relation to taxpayers, to ensure full parity in this regard.

Yevhen Oleinikov specified that violations of tax legislation are divided into cases of deliberate violation (which are not the most common) and violations related to the lack of knowledge about its application, lack of appropriate practice and support. Therefore, one of the main priorities in cooperation with the EU4PFM experts is to create an updated contact center, which will significantly expand opportunities for communication with the taxpayers.

Implementation of part of the EU4PFM Project is very important for the STS, specifically which regards expansion of the STS in segment of establishing a new quality of tax culture for both taxpayers and tax officials.

“Deliberate violation of tax legislation does not have the largest share among violations. And for the Service, the priority is not so much to punish a specific violator, but to demonstrate clearly, to prove that the consequences of a deliberate violation will be economically unfavorable, it will cost more than the fair implementation of tax legislation” – noted Yevhen Oleinikov.

Among the important STS’s tasks are also improvement of all major working processes, construction of business analysis systems, improvement of risk-oriented approaches in work and expansion of online services for taxpayers, as well as improvement of the taxpayers’ service system.


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