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Tax officials of Luhansk region exposed formation of a non-commodity tax credit for more than 50 million UAH

, published 28 July 2021 at 11:15

Specialists of the Anti-money laundering department of Main Directorate of the STS in Luhansk region jointly with Main Directorate of the SFS in Luhansk region exposed formation of a tax credit for the non-commodity operations.

Total amount of operations amounted to more than 50 million UAH.

Group of individuals created scheme for the sale of raw materials for the animal feed production. It was established that they are not producers of this raw material and did not purchase it in a supply chain.

Amount of losses caused by the operation of this scheme amounted to more than 8 million UAH.

Specified facts are being worked out within a framework of criminal proceeding registered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations on the grounds of offenses under Part 3 Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


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