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Contact center of the STS has provided answers to 515.3 thousand taxpayers’ appeals since the beginning of 2021

, published 29 July 2021 at 15:27

Contact Center of the STS provided answers to 515.3 thousand appeals of individuals and legal entities during January – June 2021. Of the total number of appeals, 482.8 thousand were answered by telephone, 6.7 thousand – by the e-mail and fax, 0.1 thousand – using answering machine and 25.7 thousand by chat in messengers.

Most often, individuals and legal entities applied to Contact Center of the STS for information regarding the single contribution to obligatory state social insurance and personal income tax, electronic reporting processing status, value added tax, single tax and application of registrars of settlement operations.

Business entities and citizens also have opportunity to use the Knowledge Base – an automated database of unified answers to questions from individuals and legal entities. It is posted on the official web portal of the STS in section “Questions – answers from the Knowledge Base” of the Public information and reference resource (ZIR).

Visitors of the portal can find answers to questions that interest them at any convenient time. Individuals and legal entities have made almost 1.7 million visits to ZIR since the beginning of year.

The Knowledge Base is constantly updated and kept up to date. During January – June 2021, due to legislative changes, the validity of 998 unified questions and answers was limited and 912 were introduced in a new version.

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