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Interdepartmental working groups with participation of the State Tax Service: almost 3 thousand violations on the retail fuel market were revealed

, published 26 November 2021 at 11:30

Activity of interdepartmental working groups established at regional state administrations was intensified to combat illegal turnover and retail fuel sale by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 24.12.2019, with participation of the law enforcement agencies, State inspectorate for architecture and urban planning of Ukraine, State environmental inspectorate of Ukraine, State labor service, State emergency service of Ukraine, State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection, Ministry of Justice.

2866 audits have been conducted with participation of the State Tax Service since the beginning of 2021 that resulted in:

- revealing 2920 violations;

- additional accrual of 485 million UAH of penalties;

- seizure of 62 million UAH from illicit trafficking of fuel and equipment.

Participation of the State Tax Service in work of interdepartmental working groups allowed to identify and comprehensively work out more than a third of participants on the retail fuel market with signs of risk of violation of tax and other legislation with almost 100% efficiency.

As of today, work of the interdepartmental working groups is aimed at identifying schemes for admission of the counterfeit fuel on market, places of storage and sale.


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