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Regarding the retail sale of medicinal products

, published 13 September 2022 at 16:39

Bodies of the State Tax Service on an ongoing basis monitor activities of business entities in the retail sale of medicinal products.

As of today, all business entities that sell medicinal products and/or of medical purpose are required to use RRO/software PRRO selling such goods and issue fiscal checks to buyers.

At the same time, some taxpayers ignore legislative requirements.

Pharmacy was discovered in Dnipropetrovsk region, where medicinal products of unknown origin were sold without use of RRO /software PRRO and reflection of sales transactions in accounting and tax records. Such medicinal products can potentially pose a threat to the life and health of citizens.

According to the audit results, fine (financial sanction) will be applied to the violator of settlement procedure.

State Tax Service also draws attention of citizens to the fact that the fiscal check received from the seller in a pharmacy is a proper settlement document confirming the fact of sale, in particular, of goods (medicines).

State Tax Service asks citizens to report about the facts of sale of medicinal products without use of RRO /software PRRO or without issuance of appropriate fiscal checks through the chatbot "StopViolationBot" in the Telegram messenger or by phone 0800-501-007, choosing direction "6" on the interactive voice answering machine.