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Tax specialists of Kirovohrad region received 371 written citizens’ appeals during January – November 2020

, published 28 December 2020 at 13:33

Main Directorate of the STS in Kirovohrad region received 371 written citizens’ appeals, which is 120 appeals less than during the corresponding period in 2019.

Choosing the communication means, applicants mostly use mail (201 appeals), send appeals by electronic means, via the Internet (72 appeals), through authorities (64 appeals) and from other bodies, institutions, organizations (34 appeals).

Out of the total number, specifically 366 appeals were executed on time and 5 appeals were pending.

A total of 401 citizens applied during January – November 2020.

In terms of content, the biggest number of appeals concerned tax policy (91.9%), including: informing about tax evasion (26.9%), single social contribution (12.4%), control and verification work (12.7%), labor and wages (8.1%).

18 receptions were held at the citizens’ request during January – November 2020, which is 21 receptions less than during the same corresponding in 2019. Issues raised by citizens in their appeals related to the restructuring and tax debt repayment, taxation of business income, blocking of tax invoices and real estate other than land tax.