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Newsletter № 14. VAT and new Ukrainian classification of the FEA goods codes in accordance with the new Law of Ukraine “On the Customs Tariff of Ukraine”

, published 10 August 2020 at 13:10

The next, 14th newsletter is devoted to changes in the VAT administration related to the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine “On Customs Tariff of Ukraine” as of 04.06.2020 № 674-IX taking into account requirements of the Tax Code of Ukraine.

The newsletter has information about: what should be considered applying the law; how to compile a tax invoice and calculate the adjustment to it starting from July 3, 2020; which Ukrainian classification of the FEA goods codes are preferable for the VAT exemption, defined by Paragraph 64 of Sub-section 2 Section XX of the Code for the import and supply of electric vehicles.

The newsletter can be downloaded here.